Project Q


ProjectQ is a partnership with Madin Lopez to help LGBTQIA and homeless youth combat bullying, develop self esteem and find an identity for themselves through hair styling. For the past three years, they have been working with different organizations to help realize this goal.

Creating.   Inspiring.   Risking.   Educating.


Teach this triple truth to all:

A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service are the things which renew humanity. 

101 Heroes


In 2009, CIRE partnered with 101 Heroes to provide educational assistance to rural villages of the Philippines.
Believing in the vision and inspiration of Edwin Santiago to have 101 friends, colleagues, family members and acquaintances contribute their time, money and resources to construct and stock a public library for school children in Bulacan, Philippines. 

OUT in the cold


Award winning documentary that explores the issue of homeless LGBTQ youth on the streets of America.          

Starting in 1998, Eric Criswell began volunteering on the streets of Denver and working with the homeless population.  Frustrated by the lack of resources and general awareness about the problem of gay youth on the street, he began work on "OUT in the Cold" to tell the stories of those who have been rejected by their family, community and society.